Tectonic Jelly

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A Post-apocalyptic misfit stumbles upon the last guitar in the world. Utilizing acid from quite possibly the only sheet left in existence he embarks on a psychedelic quest to return this sacred instrument to the only venue still standing.

The first in a three part series known as Tectonic Jelly. We find a reluctant hero and savior of Rock N' Roll exploring a trippy drug induced landscape.

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We follow him from home-world to universal center. The quest to become the seed that germinates the new universe. He unexpectedly destroys the order that has kept it regular for untold re-inceptions.

The second part in the three part series. The narrative switches to reluctant villain. Dead set on bringing back to life someone dear and long since buried. The protagonist is determined to be the one chosen to journey to the center of the universe and re-start the creation of the cosmos. Desiring only to change one event, he may end up destroying all life in existence.

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